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How can I make changes in my profile?
10 October, 200910 October, 2009 8 Comments User Profile User Profile


Before you contact other members of NakedWorld it is a good idea to have a completed profile. It shows other members you are serious about meeting and is considered good etiquette amongst most people in the lifestyle.

To create and edit your profile information use the 'Black' Menu bar and navigate to:


Settings > My Profile > Edit My Profile


In the top half of the form select the options that best describe you and click the "Update User Profile" profile button.

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  • Linc123By Linc123 44 Days Ago
    0 points    
    How do I chande passwords
  • i-kittieBy i-kittie 1544 Days Ago
    0 points    
    Can I change my profile from single person to a couple?
  • ponycarBy ponycar 1858 Days Ago
    1 point    
    Can't find settings at all.... where is it?
  • Ramcharger2By Ramcharger2 2067 Days Ago
    0 points    
    where do u find settings to delete pics and dont tell me the black menu bar
  • ThunderCumBy ThunderCum 2377 Days Ago
    0 points    
    Tell, me how i can get into chat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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