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1 votes
Author: funsharingcouple 8 February, 20188 February, 2018 0 Comments Dirty Jokes Dirty Jokes
One day there were three dogs at the vet waiting with their owners in the waiting room. The other dogs turn to the first dog and ask why he's at the vet today. "Well it's because I'm a biter. I bite everything. I bit the cat, I bit the furniture, I bit the mailman, and one day I bit my owner. ...Read more
0 votes
Author: 7 December, 20177 December, 2017 0 Comments Doctor Jokes Doctor Jokes
You wait and wait and the minute you decide to use the stethoscope to listen to your balls, the doctor walks in.
0 votes
Author: agbnude 30 September, 201730 September, 2017 0 Comments One Liner Jokes One Liner Jokes
What's wrong with 27 year olds..... There's 20 of them
0 votes
Author: agbnude 30 September, 201730 September, 2017 0 Comments Blonde Jokes Blonde Jokes
Why did the blonde have a bruised belly button? Her boyfriend was blonde too
1 votes
Author: Anonymous 2 May, 20172 May, 2017 0 Comments Dirty Jokes Dirty Jokes
Fat lady goes into a sex shop and the clerk asks if he can help her. She says "Yes I would like the biggest Dildo you have, so he points to the area they are in. The lady says I will take the Big Red one on the wall and the clerk says "Sorry Maam thats our fire extinguisher"
1 votes
Author: Anonymous 13 December, 201613 December, 2016 0 Comments Bar Jokes Bar Jokes
A .. the young hooker uses Vaseline to take it in ..the old hooker uses poligrip to hole it in .
0 votes
Author: brian2014 12 September, 201612 September, 2016 0 Comments Blonde Jokes Blonde Jokes
Q...How can you tell if a blonde has been using your computer? A...there is white out on the screen
0 votes
Author: 29 June, 201629 June, 2016 0 Comments Dirty Jokes Dirty Jokes
Q: what's the difference between santa and a christmas tree A:the christmas tree has coloured balls
4 votes
Author: littlebigman 27 April, 201627 April, 2016 0 Comments Female Jokes Female Jokes
a lady of 35 feeling good about herself after weeks of exercise and diet orders a black coffee at Tims asks the kid "hey how old you think I am?"Kid says I don't know maybe 28 or so.With a big smile she says nope I'm 35.Sits down has her coffee finishes and goes outside where a guy is having a sm...Read more
1 votes
Author: Niveaforwomen 24 October, 201524 October, 2015 0 Comments Dirty Jokes Dirty Jokes
Q: What's 72? A: 69 with 3 people watching. =)

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